Ford Marrin has extensive experience in advising clients on complex corporate and business transactions. We represent large and small businesses, both domestic and foreign, in all types of business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, private placements and public offerings. By paying attention to minute details and exercising foresight, the Firm prides itself on drafting clear contracts and other legal documents, which are understood by the parties and address potential contingencies not anticipated by the parties when they entered into negotiations, thereby greatly reducing the risk of subsequent post-transaction disputes.  Some of the transactions in which we represent our clients, include:

  • Business Formation

    We pride ourselves with being able to work with our clients to create the most suitable structure for the operation of their businesses, and helping them to remain in compliance with requirements of that business structure.  As a result lawyers in our firm have much experience in forming traditional C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Business Trusts and all types of Partnerships.

  • Business Acquisitions & Sales

    Our handling of business acquisitions and sales is a major component of our corporate practice.  We routinely structure, negotiate, and implement highly complex domestic and international transactions on behalf of our clients. We are able to provide our clients with sound and effective representation due to our expertise in supporting practice areas such as dispute resolution, labor and employment, finance, securities regulation, intellectual property, insurance and real estate.  We understand that the key to structuring the acquisition or sale of a business requires not only an understanding of fundamental corporate law, but also insight into each component of the business.

  • Manufacturer/Distributor Relations

    We study the businesses and industries involved and draft distribution agreements to reflect that understanding.  Rather than merely protect our clients€™ interests when disputes arise, our litigation experience assists us in drafting agreements that eliminate ambiguity and disputes in the future.  From medical equipment to consumer electronics, we have been representing manufacturers and distributors in a wide array of business transactions over the past four decades.

  • Employment

    We understand that quality representation of our corporate clients requires a keen knowledge of employment law.  Our employment practice encompasses the counseling of board of directors and executive management in connection with day-to-day employment issues that arise under both Federal and State law.   From drafting employment contracts to advising our clients in connection with claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, we protect the interests of employers against claims made by individuals or classes of employees.

  • Intellectual Property and Licensing

    Our corporate practice requires that we understand and advise our corporate clients in the licensing of their intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks and patents.  We are able to provide our clients with the insight gained in handling intellectual property disputes, which allows us to structure licensing agreements in such a way that avoids the potential for future litigation.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    We represent developers, investors and lenders in connection with the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of commercial real estate.   In order provide quality legal advice and counseling, we are familiar with condominium and co-operative forms of ownership, taxation, zoning and land use regulation. We routinely advise our clients with structuring and negotiating complex real estate transactions, as well as providing legal analysis and due diligence associated therewith.

  • Joint Venture

    We understand the risks associated with JVs and work with our clients to develop the appropriate structure for the particular transaction.  We also conduct due diligence for our clients, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages associated with the JV structure and walk them through the formation process.  From developing corporate structure to advising on tax and accounting issues, we advise our clients on the most important issues relating to JV formation.  Here again, our litigation expertise allows us to identify potential obstacles in advance, which reduces the likelihood of disputes after the transaction is consummated.