For close to forty years, a major emphasis of the Firm’s practice has been the representation of clients in all types of complex business disputes.  We have represented both international and domestic clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, in complex litigations across the country, in both state and federal courts and international and domestic arbitral proceedings. Among its clients, the Firm currently represents one of the largest commodities customers of MF Global in connection with the complex multi-district litigation arising out of the financial collapse of MF Global.  The Firm’s areas of expertise in complex business litigation extends to a wide range of matters, including:

  • Business and Cyber Torts

    We have litigated novel issues in the always developing and evolving area of cyber law.  From cybersquatting claims to the boundaries of internet defamation law, we have represented clients in a broad array of cyber law claims.  Ford Marrin helped shape the law on Internet defamation in New York with the landmark decision before New York’s highest court and continues to represent websites, Internet service providers and individual users in matters relating to Internet tort liability and the federal Communications Decency Act.

  • Contract Disputes

    For nearly forty years we have represented large corporations as well as individuals in disputes arising from contracts.  Throughout that time, we have implemented a superior knowledge of the law of contract interpretation and use of economic principles in connection with calculation of damages.  Whether we are prosecuting our clients’s contract claims or defending them from the contract claims of others, our expertise in resolving contract disputes regarding commercial agreements, has consistently resulted in the achievement of excellent results for our clients.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes

    Our extensive knowledge of intellectual property provides us with the ability to litigate the most complex and high stakes copyright, trademark and patent disputes. Whether we represent authors or software companies in copyright disputes, footwear and apparel companies in trademark disputes, or biotech companies in patent disputes, we understand that one of the keys to achieving success for our clients requires not only a keen knowledge of the law, but a detailed understanding of their intellectual property and business.

  • Manufacturer/Distributor Conflicts

    We understand that a strong working knowledge of  the business and industry of our clients is the key to obtaining favorable results in conflicts between product manufacturers and distributors. From medical equipment to consumer electronics, we have been representing manufacturers and distributors in a wide array of business disputes over the past four decades.

  • Real Estate

    Our litigation practice also includes representing purchasers, sellers, brokers and lenders in connection with disputes over real estate transactions.  Our expertise in structuring real estate transactions allows us to effectively advocate for our clients in real estate disputes.

  • Securities, Commodities and Commercial Fraud Claims

    Our experience in representing corporate clients includes matters of securities and commodities fraud.  Our understanding of common law fraud as well as federal and state regulations provides us with the tools necessary to either recover funds wrongfully taken through fraud and deception or defend against securities fraud suits.

  • Unfair Competition

    Our litigation expertise also extends to disputes that involve unfair competition.  Typically in connection with intellectual property infringement suits, we have represented both large and small businesses to protect their respective right to engage in fair competition.  From disputes over misappropriation of trade secrets to disputes over non-compete clauses, we have consistently protected our clients from anticompetitive tactics of other businesses in the market place.