Intellectual Property:  The firm has extensive experience in the prosecution and licensing of trademarks and copyrights.  We have also drafted patents that we have filed with the assistance of counsel admitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Our experience in handling infringement and unfair competition suits assists us in drafting trademark, patent and copyright registration applications, increasing the likelihood that the valuable intellectual property of businesses and individuals becomes registered and protected.

  • Trademark/Copyright/Patent Disputes

    Our extensive knowledge of intellectual property provides us with the ability to litigate the most complex and high stakes copyright, trademark and patent disputes.  Whether we represent authors or software companies in copyright disputes, footwear and apparel companies in trademark disputes, or biotech companies in patent disputes, we understand the key to achieving a success for our clients requires not only a knowledge of law, but a feel for the intellectual property and business of our clients.

  • Licensing

    Our corporate practice requires that we understand and advise our corporate clients in the licensing of their intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks and patents.  We are able to provide our clients with the insight gained in handling intellectual property disputes, which allows us to structure licensing agreements in such a way that avoids the potential for future litigation.

  • Unfair Competition

    Our litigation expertise also extends to disputes that involve unfair competition.  Typically in connection with intellectual property infringement suits, we have represented both large and small businesses protect their respective right to engage in fair competition.  From disputes over misappropriation of trade secrets to disputes over non-compete clauses, we have consistently protected our clients from anticompetitive tactics of other businesses in the market place.