Dec 15, 2011

John Witmeyer on Fox Business Channel

Sapere CTA Fund, L.P. v. Jon S. Corzine, et al., (S.D.N.Y., Civil Action No.: 11 CIV 9114).

On December 15, 2011, Partner John J. Witmeyer III appeared on Fox Business Channel’s “Money and Power” (click here to view the appearance) to discuss the recent civil suit filed in NY federal court on behalf of the Firm’s client, Sapere CTA Fund, against former U.S. Senator, N.J. Governor and CEO of Goldman Sachs Jon S. Corzine and other executives of the failed commodities futures commission merchant and securities broker-dealer firm and its investment bank parent, MF Global, for alleged violations of federal and state law, including RICO, the Commodity Exchange Act, and the Securities Exchange Act. Prior to the collapse of MF Global, Sapere maintained assets with MF Global in segregated customer accounts comprising cash in excess of $95 million and $125 million in T-Bills. In addition to the civil action, and along with North Carolina co-counsel Joseph H. Stallings, the Firm also represents Sapere in the jointly administered Chapter 11 bankruptcy and SIPA liquidation proceedings in the Southern District of New York.

Partner John J. Witmeyer and Associate Jon R. Grabowski represent the client in this action.

By, Jon Ryan Grabowski